Sunday, April 5, 2015

An Episcopal Easter

Pam and I have experienced Easter in the Episcopal church this weekend. Last night, was a 2 and a half hour service that featured communion and baptism, lots of fire and 18 inch candles in the hands of every member of the congregation. Today, on Easter Sunday, the service will be shorter, I'm told. I'll have more to say on the experience later. It was fascinating in many ways, and about as different from the Baptist tradition as humanly and spiritually possible. I had to get up and walk around outside a couple of times, and when we left, there was still about 15 minutes to go. I know this because every single word that was spoken was written down in the thick 20 page program entitled, "The Great Vigil of Easter." 

Today is gorgeous and sunny and will feature my wife and son making a full Easter Sunday dinner in Patrick's kitchen. 

And yes, we did meet the girlfriend. She was a delight, adorable in every way. She also nearly got us all killed twice in Nashville traffic. Read tomorrow's blog for all the thrilling details.

Christ is risen.