Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My New Computer and Hobby Lobby

Pam and Kaitlin have been away this week setting up Kaitlin and Jon's new apartment in Columbia, South Carolina. That means that I have been alone in this house for three days now. I have taken advantage of all this solitude to take on several projects on my "To Do Before Wedding" list. The girls will be very proud of me.

I have also bought a new laptop, actually two new laptops, one for me and one for my assistant. Mine is still in the box, taunting me. Every time I walk past it I can hear it snicker its derision. It knows. The thing hasn't even been turned on yet and it knows that I'm an idiot about computers. Well, it's going to be singing a different tune when Pam gets home!

Currently, I am using an old Thinkpad that belongs to my daughter and hadn't been turned on in over a year before I borrowed it two days ago. It works fine except for the fact that it doesn't have a word processor and I can't get anything to print. I really should open that box and get the new one fired up, but that would require adult supervision, and she doesn't get home until tonight.

So, yesterday the interwebs were alive with the Hobby Lobby story. I will not render an opinion about the ruling, but I have to say that it has been a long time since I have read such moronic, unhinged drivel. My newsfeed on facebook looked like it had been taken over by a tribe of savage nitwits, including this gem:

"No company can call itself "Christian" who buys cut-rate windchimes made by cheep labor in China!"

This is simply stupidity on stilts. This is where the non-sequiter meets the straw man, they hook up and give birth to a fully formed imbecile. Let's examine this further, shall we?

The person who wrote this probably did so on a bright and shiny Apple laptop which didn't cost over 5 grand courtesy of that cheep labor in China thing. After she typed it in and posted in on Facebook, she probably took a long delicious sip of her Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, harvested by labor so cheep that it would make the Chinese seem like millionaires. After taking a shower, she slipped on that cute sun dress she found on sale at Macy's the other day for $39 courtesy of a sweat shop in India. Then she drove to the gas station to fill up her car with fuel derived from oil imported from that famously pro-women's rights mecca of Saudi Arabia. When she got to work and walked across the parking lot where it was already 90 degrees at 9 am, she was so releaved when she entered her building where the cool breezes of her climate controlled office awaited her, thanks to the coal that her power company burns to keep the air conditioners running, the same coal that I'm sure she will one day write a hit piece on for Mother Jones.

I could go on this way for days.

Listen, if you want to disagree with the Supreme Court ruling fine, do so on the merits, but don't try to cast aspirtions on the company that brought the suit, by questioning the genuineness of their religious convictions, especially when you don't have a clue of how easy your life is made by the very same free markets that you criticize.

I really should open that box. Uh-oh, not only does it say that it was "made in China" but the cardboard box was even made in China by an outfit called, "Chong Qing Yong Tai Paper Co. Ltd." Do I feel guilty? No, because yesterday I paid less for two laptops than I paid for the one I bought 4 years ago. The money I saved I am now free to donate to one of the ten million non-profits out there committed to the destruction of free markets!