Monday, July 2, 2012

A Rough Three Days

My mother died in her sleep Friday morning. For the past 72 hours, life has been a fevered rush of emotions, a rapid series of quick decisions, and family togetherness. Today it culminates in a funeral service. There will be music, memories, tears, and a eulogy that I have written and rewritten a hundred times over the past few days. I worry that I won't be able to get through it. But even more, I worry about my Dad and how he will cope with the loss of someone who had been his best friend for nearly 65 years. I haven't dreaded anything as much as I have dreaded this day in a long time. What gives me comfort is the incredible outpouring of love and support my family has received from hundreds of friends. The phone calls, visits, facebook posts, and food that has been showered upon us has been like cool water to a man stranded in a desert. Once the dust has settled I will share some of the stories on this blog. For now, I hope you all know how much your love, care, and friendship have meant to us.