Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Seven Hours Without Power...One Couple's Experience

Yesterday a storm raced through the west end knocking our power out at 3:30 in the afternoon. Luckily, a cool breeze followed the storm so although we had no lights, at least it wasn't hot. We opened the windows, set out some candles, and tried to channel our inner Little-House-On-The-Prairie, frontier couple identity. In the gathering darkness, we went out on the deck to enjoy the delightful breeze.

Pam: Isn't this nice? I could use a cup of coffee. Do you want me to make you some? ...No, wait, haha,...no power.

Doug: Look at all the leaves and sticks on this deck! Let me run the blower over this for a second so we can,..er.. no wait..no power.

Pam: No worries. Luckily, my i-Pad has plenty of battery life. Wanna play Words with Friends?

Doug: Sure. It's the simple pleasures in life that really count..

Pam: WHOA!! A big tree fell over at Hope's and came within 3 inches of her Miata!! Destroyed the fence but the car's fine.

Doug: Thank God Facebook is still up.

By the time it was time for bed, the cell phones were all barely hanging on to the last gasps of battery life, the candles were all spent, and the flashlight beams were beginning to turn dangerously yellow. As we laid in bed in the pitch blackness if we really concentrated we could make out the charming sound of crickets...over the dull hum of generators. Just like the pioneer days. Then suddenly all hell broke loose. Lights flickered. Televisions blared. The air conditioning unit out side our window roared back to life. The little sleep machine on my nightstand spit out it's fake wave sound. The clock radio flashed 3:24 in bright green flashes. And, I'm sure all of the Indians who were at that very moment sneaking across the front yard preparing for their attack, scurried away into the woods, my homestead saved by the return of electricity. 7 hours without power in 2012 and we survived. Somebody ought to make a T-shirt!