Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pat Robertson....Where's a Biblical Plague When You Need One??

This week, the cause of Christ and the advancement of his Gospel, took a severe body-blow when once again the Reverend Pat Robertson opened up his pie hole. What aspect of the human condition was he opining about, abortion, gay marriage, pornography, divorce? Nope. This time, the 700 Club founder was very angry about the evil ramifications of the Denver Broncos trade of Tim Tebow. Now, let that sentence peculate for a moment, let it sink in, contemplate the absurdity.

Pat was particularly upset that Tim was thrown overboard after such a remarkable run of games last season that took the Broncos to the playoffs. Even though Peyton Manning is an MVP, hall of fame quarterback, Pat adroitly pointed out that Peyton is one hard hit away from injury, and if that were to happen, the Broncos would find themselves without a quarterback. Then he added this nugget..."And if that happens, it would SERVE THE BRONCOS RIGHT!"

Pat Robertson has been making it harder for me to be an unashamed Christian for over 30 years now. He's got to be 90 by now. Whenever I see him on television now he looks like what Howdy Doody would look like by now if marionettes aged like humans do. Christianity soldiers on for months at a time, nobly striving to spread the Gospel and be salt and light in a dying world, and then...BAM!!!, this imbecile makes some stunningly ignorant statement, which the media then amplifies to the rafters. Then, Christians  spend weeks answering sneering questions from our friends(and enemies) like, "So, you're a Christian right? You like Pat Robertson?"

Pat is fond of attributing God's judgement to natural disasters, like his famous claim that hurricane Katrina was God's judgement on the sinful city of New Orleans. Well, I say, where is a good biblical plague when you need one? When a "Christian leader" starts openly wishing for a season-ending injury to befall an athlete as pay-back for trading Tim Tebow, I submit that its time for Pat to walk off into the sunset of his retirement. I mean, everyone and everything has a limited shelf life. There's no shame in growing old. Besides, if he leaves now, he will still have productive years left to devote to his other energy shakes that make it possible for 70 year olds to leg press 2000 pounds.

I'm aware that all religions have had imperfect representatives, but it seems that Christianity in the United States has had more than it's fair share. So, please Pat, for all of us who want to represent our savior in as authentic a way as possible, I beg you....shut the hell up!!