Monday, February 22, 2016

A New Look

Yesterday I received a complaint from a faithful reader of this blog. "You know that I read your blog every day...but," she began. This introduction is usually followed by a criticism of my many flaws as a writer, including but by no means limited language, conservative politics, liberal politics, too much politics, baseball obsession, too many Lucy references, not enough Lucy references, etc.. But this time the complaint was about optics. "I can hardly read your blog anymore, the words aren't dark enough, the background is too gray or something, it gives me a headache."

My first thought was that perhaps my sister should consider getting her eyes checked. But then it occurred to me that she might not be the only one having this problem since the average age of my readers probably has climbed north of 50. After all, along with the other cruelties of aging comes diminished eyesight. Lucky for all of you, I am married to Pam, who delights in any computer task that requires patience, creativity and...patience. Just before settling down for my Sunday afternoon nap, I gave her my username and password and asked her to "fix it."

What you now see is the results of her labor. I think it looks pretty cool. The parchment paper background is a nice touch, and the type does seem easier to read. She thought to add the liner notes to the book I wrote about my parents, and for reasons unknown to me, attached an unflattering picture of me which takes up half the screen, which I am sure is quite startling to old woman and young children. Nevertheless, it is a vast improvement over the old layout and I sincerely hope you all approve.