Friday, January 22, 2016

Snowmageddon....Part Three.

 4:17 pm. 

There has been a flurry of activity over the past five hours, if you get my drift. Thanks, Snowbama!

Pam has made cookies.

The fixins for sausage and lentil soup are being prepared.

The wind is starting to blow. When you look outside its hard to tell how much of what is coming down is snow and how much is just snow blowing off of the roof. Either way, the stuff is starting to pile up. At some point Lucy is going to need to venture out into it for her first pee trip since 6:30 this morning. So far she has shown zero interest. I guess we'll soon discover just how strong her bladder actually is.

Speaking of politics...I wonder which Presidential candidate would be most likely to volunteer to shovel my driveway?

Bernie Sanders.....too old, might throw out his back.
Hillary Clinton....not a chance, although she might ask Huma to take a shot at it.
Martin O'Malley...would jump at the chance! Only he would insist on stripping to the waist and asking me to get a shot of his rock hard abs and post it on his Facebook page.
Jeb Bush....wouldn't know how.
Chris Christie...would collapse of a heart attack
Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz would fight each other over who gets to shovel my driveway.
Rand Paul wouldn't want to insult my intelligence by stooping to such pandering.
Donald Trump would promise to shovel my driveway, but would end up sending over a couple of Honduran day laborers to do it.