Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Weird Christmas

This was a weird Christmas. The festivities started poorly when I became ill the afternoon that Kaitlin, Jon and Jackson arrived. I became lightheaded after rising too quickly and found myself on the floor after a lost minute of unconsciousness. For the rest of the week I felt funny...sweaty and lightheaded. I am just now coming out of it.

Christmas Eve was nice. There was a marvelous moment after the service at church when many of the best and brightest kids from our life of ten years ago gathered on the stage for a group picture. These young people are now husbands and wives, many of them parents. Twenty five kids hugging each other and catching up was a beautiful thing to watch. I look at the pictures of them from that night and feel better about the future of this planet. We will one day hand them the reigns of this world, and be better for it.

After the service, we had a wonderful meal at Brio's. Christmas morning began around 8 am, not an  incidental fact, since the starting time had to be calculated due to the demands of the day. I always enjoy watching the kids open their presents. This year was no different, only now we had two dogs to shred the spent wrapping paper. But everything seemed rushed. We had to keep an eye on the clock. Breakfast had to be made, then stockings had to be opened,(a completely separate enterprise at my house!), then preparations made for the two o'clock arrival of the White clan for round two. Incidentally, the "White clan" sounds very much like a racially charged micro aggression, when in fact it simply refers to my in-laws, surname...White, and their extended family, not the famous sheet-wearing bigots. Just thought I should clear that up in case anyone from Loretta Lynch's Justice Department is scanning this blog.

Anyway, by the time the entire day was over, we were all totally exhausted. Things had gone well. The family meal was delicious. Having Pam's family over was a privaledge. I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't felt so hot and dizzy. Of course, 75 degrees and 85% humidity certainly didn't help! The best part of the day may have been later that evening after we all had gotten into our jammies. We decided to open up a game that Kaitlin had gotten for Christmas called, Loaded Questions, whereby a question is asked of all players and then one player must guess which answer was made by which player. An example of the hilarity...

Question: What should you never do in a public restroom?

Answers: Lick the toilet. Hold a bible study. 

The day after Christmas found all of us sleeping in. Another wonderful breakfast was eventually served. It was misting rain outside and miserably humid. We had invited a dear friend over to have a lite lunch. Again, everything felt rushed since we had to all load up the car for round three of Christmas...at my sister Linda's house, this time for the Dunnevant extended family celebration. Linda and Bill did an amazing job hosted such an event, especially considering she had worked both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! We arrived around three in the afternoon, had another lite meal, then opened presents for over twenty people, all the while I felt about twenty minutes away from passing out. So very weird.

We finally headed back to the house around 8 o'clock, let the dogs out for a bathroom break, then piled into the car again for the 10:30 showing of Star Wars at Cinebistro. We got in bed around one in the morning. Christmas is not for the lightheaded or feint of heart!

It all seems like a blur to me now. Did it even happen? The kids are back in their home states. The house is as quiet as a morgue. It's still misty raining outside and as humid as Key West in July. Suddenly our calendar is empty...and it feels like a relief. It will, no doubt, fill up quickly.