Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pam and Lucy

My dog Lucy is still the most neurotic beast ever to grace the inside of a Dunnevant home, however, she is the most adorable dog ever. I find that I love her even more than the other dogs I've had because of her emotional instability. She's still afraid of practically everything, especially thunder storms. Whenever they are in the area and way before we are aware of them, Lucy begins her terrified vigil...pacing around forlornly. But when crunch time comes( the first distant rumble of thunder ), only one thing will do...Mom!

Lucy isn't much of a snuggler. She prefers to be on the couch with you, but at the other end of the couch. But when the thunder storm monster comes, she finds Pam and plasters herself next to her. This all started months ago during a particularly violent storm, when Pam took her into our walk in closet, closed the door and held her tightly in the dark, singing to her until the storm was over. Now, every storm demands a repeat performance. It's quite adorable to watch. There's Lucy, shaking like a leaf, head buried under Pam's arms. It's the only time that Lucy will allow herself to be good and hugged, and only by Pam. It's quite touching to watch.

I took this last night, after the worst of the storm had passed through and Lucy finally dared raise her head to look around.

Crazy dog...