Monday, August 10, 2015

A Healthy Exercise

Usually people wait until moments of personal crisis before counting their blessings. Mostly it's because, we hate to consider how fortunate we are. Yes, I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but the fact is that it's much more satisfying to wallow in self pity than it is to acknowledge how good we actually have it in life. The entire exercise of being thankful tends to remind us of how inconsequential our so-called problems are. So, most of us would rather dwell on the negative. Don't believe me? Read a newspaper.

Right now in my life, there are no pressing issues, no existential crisis afoot that is causing me to question everything. In fact, aside from a couple of degenerative disks, I've got it pretty good. Of course, everything could change in a flash. On my way to work this morning I might be the only eye witness to a traffic accident involving  a van full of #BLACKLIVESMATTER protesters and a pick up truck carrying a huge confederate flag in the back driven by a Donald Trump supporter. Just like that, my life could be thrown into chaos! So, I feel inclined to strike while the iron is hot and list out every blessing of life that has come my I get rear-ended by a Bernie Sanders supporter who decides to sue me for driving a car that enraged her because of my naked white privilege.

1. For 57, I'm pretty darned healthy.
2. I am married to a strong, beautiful, intelligent woman.
3. I have two incredible children who combined haven't given me a minutes worth of trouble their entire lives.
4. I have a large and boisterous family that love me and have my back.
5. I have the best, most supportive in-laws in the world.
6. Pam and I have accumulated some of the most amazing friends over the years.
7. I live in an incredible time in world history, where technological advances have made my life so much easier than any generation in history.
8. I am an American and as such am heir to a legacy of freedom and liberty unmatched in human history.
9. In over 31 years of marriage, Pam and I have only lived in two houses.
10. My chosen profession has rewarded me handsomely.
11. I was taught the difference between right and wrong so thoroughly by my parents, that bad behavior on my part is completely without excuse.
12. For all but a handful of my years on this earth I have enjoyed the company of a dog.
13. I have benefitted from a Christian faith that within the deepest level of my heart provides me with answers to the most vexing questions of life. 
14. Cajun food.
15. Hot rolls with butter.
16. Hot peach cobbler that has crunchy edges, with vanilla ice cream melting on top.
17. Christmas morning.
18. Baseball.
19. Maine
20. Hatteras Island.
21. Coffee.
22. The Beatles
23. Ludwig Von Beethoven.
24. The opportunity I had, through borrowed money, to get an education. It was the best investment I ever made.
25. The great influences on my kids' lives, Jeremy Welborn, Sherri Matthews, Deen Entsminger.
26. Great books.
27. Netflix.

I could list out many more, of course, but #10 is calling.