Friday, April 10, 2015

Truly Horrible Eye Puns, and the Rand Paul Campaign

Yesterday I published a blog about Rand Paul's candidacy. I noted the fact that instead of being a garden variety lawyer, the senator was and is an ophthalmologist. Today, in anticipation of what surely will be a parade of horrible EYE PUNS over the next 19 months, I thought that I would get ahead of the curve and offer a few of my own:

1. Rand Paul, ophthalmologist, certainly has his eye on the White House.

2. Rand Paul, ophthalmologist, offers a unique libertarian vision.

3. Rand Paul potential campaign slogan...eyes on the prize.

4. Rand Paul, ophthalmologist, brings intense focus on NSA.

5. Rand Paul, ophthalmologist, brings farsighted approach to foreign policy.

6. If it were discovered that Rand Paul, ophthalmologist, was once a communist sympathizer, would his opponents call him a eye?

7. Does Rand Paul's vision for America need contacts?

8. Rand Paul, ophthalmologist, to appear on ABC's 20/20.

9. Rand Paul, straight-talking libertarian ophthalmologist, demonstrates  steely-eyed resolve.

10. Does Rand Paul, ophthalmologist, have a blind spot for the poor?

Please feel free to offer your own pun to this list. Then we can all sit back and count how many of these will be used by the media during the coming campaign.