Saturday, March 28, 2015

A New Arrival??

Got the wonderful news yesterday that I'm going to be blessed with a Grandchild soon. Now, before one of my siblings reads this and becomes apoplectic with rage at having to learn about this on my blog, I am referring to the fact that Kaitlin and Jon just put a deposit on an English Creme Golden Retreiver who is due to be born next week and delivered into their possession the first week of June. So, I suppose that the more accurate term would be "GrandPuppy." This would also make Lucy an Aunt. In this, Kaitlin and Jon are following directly in our footsteps since we got our first Golden, Murphy, exactly one year after getting married. Apparently, the apple didn't fall very far from the tree.

This is wonderful news because having a dog provides practical training for ultimately having a child. Many of the skills required in parenting are also needed in the care and maintenance of a dog. One must learn how to manage unwanted bowel movements and bladder accidents in either case. There are other similarities as well. Learning how to manage your time is essential, a dependable, predictable feeding schedule is a must, and they always, ALWAYS, cost more than you think.

They are already trying to pick out names. The finalists seem to be Jackson, Deacon, and Dougie. If my daughter ever hopes to have a profitable place in my last will and testament, she will NOT name her dog after me. I have no problem with the other two names since they both lend themselves well to shortened nick names. Jack, Jax, Apple-jacks, Jackie...Deak, Demon-Deacon, Deacon Doodles, Diddly Deak etc... Both names also can be easily shoehorned into the lyrics of famous songs, an always crucial factor in name choices...."Deak Deak a Do-Deak, banana-banna boo beak, a fe fi foo feak, Deacon!"

Hopefully, Lucy will be a positive roll model for the new arrival, or at least maybe little Jackson will shame her out of being afraid of EVERYTHING.