Friday, January 30, 2015

An Office Adventure and a Super Bowl Prediction

Last year Pam and I agreed to host a couple of Liberty University nursing school students in our home every other weekend for a couple of months while they participated in a work study program at St. Mary's hospital. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially Pam since it gave her a couple of young people to spoil and pamper and cook fabulous food for, her life's calling. Yesterday, we got our second batch of girls, Anna and Elayne. They arrived around 4:30 in the afternoon, doe-eyed and earnest, and judging by their exuberant response to their first meal at Casa Dunnevant, the poor things haven't had any decent food in years. It's nice to have kids in the house again.

Had an unfortunate medical issue at the office yesterday which I will write about as carefully as possible to avoid providing too much unwanted information. I was minding my own business preparing for a 3 o'clock appointment when at approximately 2:15 I began to feel hot. Then I felt myself beginning to sweat. Then came intense cramps. Ten minutes later I was holding on to the railings in the restroom for fear that I was about to pass out, by this time having sweated through my shirt. By 2:45 it was all over and apart from the soaked shirt and flushed white complexion, I was back to relative normal. I did have to cancel the appointment. Bizarre.

I'm not big on making Super Bowl predictions because most years I don't care enough to have formed an opinion about either team. But this year is different. I'm not a huge fan of either team. My only bias is my desire that the local boy Russell Wilson has a good game. I suppose I would rather see the Seahawks win the game. But here's the thing...I have this weirdly confident feeling that Seattle is going to blow out the Patriots. If I was a betting man, which I am NOT, I would be confident enough to lay down serious money, my hunch is that strong. It boils down to this, I think that Seattle's defense is vastly more athletic than New England's offense. With the exception of Gronk, an athletic freak, the rest of the Patriot skill players are average. the back seven of Seattle are all gifted athletes that I believe will overwhelm them. So there, I said it. Seattle in a blow out. If the Patriots win, feel free to mock me.