Friday, May 2, 2014

Da Bunn

There’s a rabbit in my back yard and she is up to some serious business. She appeared about a week ago, moving slowly and cautiously about. Over the past ten years or so our backyard has not been a safe place for rabbits what with the great hulking presence of Molly patrolling the place. But now “Da Bunn” has the place to herself.

Just before the three days of rain came she was seen digging furiously, lifting her head up from the depths every thirty seconds or so to give the air a healthy sniff. Then she would continue her excavations. When the rains came she disappeared along with every other living creature in the neighborhood, which brings up an interesting question; where exactly do all of the millions of birds squirrels and rabbits go when it rains? Wherever it is, it’s a fantastic hiding place because they all vanish without a trace.

Well, yesterday Da Bunn reappeared, this time in a different section of the yard and showing not the slightest bit of interest in her hard fought hole in the ground. She picked a spot towards the back fence in the sun and sprawled out cat-like, seemingly unaware and unconcerned with her surroundings. Inasmuch, Da Bunn is the most chill rabbit of all time. We have concluded that she is “with bunny” and therefore is preparing for the blessed event in the best way she knows how and not much differently than her human counterparts…laying around waiting for something to happen.

The last time a rabbit was stupid enough to have her babies in our backyard, Molly celebrated the event by finding them, sticking her big behind in the air and tossing the terrified newborns into the air, thrilled to have found two new playmates. Soon there was blood everywhere and Molly quickly lost interest in her stiff and lifeless friends.

This time we are hoping for a happier ending!