Saturday, April 26, 2014

Donald Sterling

Finally, I have stumbled onto something that makes me care about the NBA. Donald Sterling.

Sterling.png  The 81 year old owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, real estate mogul, slum lord and dater of 25 year old mixed race girls, was recorded by one of them, V. Stiviano, saying that although he was an open minded kind of guy, he had to draw the line at her posting pictures of herself publically cavorting with black people, and that he would really appreciate it if she wouldn’t invite any of them to the Clippers games.

This came as disturbing news to the 9 black players on his team, not to mention Coach Doc Rivers, himself a lifelong African American. The Clippers, being in Los Angeles and Sterling, being a lecherous old man, went to great pains to display his broad-mindedness by adding this gem:

“You can sleep with black people…just don’t bring them to any of my games.”

Yes, nothing quite says “middle America” like an octogenarian hooking up with a 25 year old and nothing says “Los Angeles” like keeping the relationship wide open! This revelation comes at a particularly bad time for Sterling since not only are his Clippers finally in the playoffs but he was about to be given a lifetime achievement award by the Los Angeles branch of the NAACP. Awkward.

Of course it took Jesse and Al less than 5 minutes to latch onto this story, calling for boycotts, expulsion from the league and public castration. I’m sure there will be a staged protest outside the Staples Center, with black community leaders singing “We Shall Overcome” and Obamacare sign-up booths everywhere. But, for maybe the first time in my adult life, I find myself cheering them on. Can any of you imagine how angry you would be if you found out that your boss felt this way about your wife and kids? Can you imagine the rage that would build up inside of you if the person who signs your paycheck and smiles broadly every time he’s seen with you in public, revealed himself to be this sort of lecherous bigot? If I were a member of the Los Angeles Clippers I would have played my last game for Donald Sterling. I would honor his hateful wish and refuse to attend any more games at the Staples Center.

I’m done with the Donald Sterlings of this world. When I think about all of the friends I have who are Black, Asian, and Latino, this sort of thing makes me disgusted and angry. Mr. Sterling has a first Amendment right to say whatever he wants. His gold-bricking girlfriend violated his privacy rights by secretly recording a private conversation, but when you’re 81 and involved with a 25 year old, you tend to get exactly what you deserve in this life. So, no matter the circumstances of how we came about this information, I have a right to respond with righteous indignation to his hateful words and the NBA also has a right to…well, I’m not exactly sure what they have a right to do because I’m not a lawyer. But for crying out loud, if there is any way possible, Sterling has got to go. Everyone, not just Blacks but EVERYONE needs to boycott their games.

I think I need to go take a shower. Just thinking about this chump for the last thirty minutes makes me feel dirty.