Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's Baaaaack!

It’s back. The Dunnevant house is on a diet.

I had no say in this matter. The women have decreed it, so here it is. There will be much counting, weighing and measuring of things. There will be prodigious amounts of computer research chasing down the caloric content of everything from raisins to rotisserie chicken. There will be Tervis Tumblers full of water all around the house. New low fat snacks will appear in the pantry. The refrigerator will take on a leaner, healthier appearance, with less pudding and more jello, far less cheese and a lot more carrot sticks.

I am not forced to join in the weight loss campaign, although I could stand to drop a few pounds. And while I will eat the same trimmed down meals that they do, I am free to snack. But I will exercise great discretion in doing so, since there’s nothing worse than wolfing down a giant bowl of ice cream in front of a couple of women chewing on celery sticks.

Here’s hoping that there will much less of us to contend with before long!