Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolution Rabble

The first day of 2014 will be great. I just ate a delicious breakfast of semi-homemade orange/cinnamon rolls with a side helping of 4 pieces of bacon. The bacon was about to expire so we couldn’t just throw it out, right? I plan on burning all of these calories up by taking down the outdoor Christmas decorations, then vacuuming the entire house. I will then fight through the teaming mass of humanity who will today descend upon American Family Fitness. These are the “resolution rabble” that we regulars have to endure for six weeks every Jan.-Feb. You can spot them a mile away in their $300 phosphorescent/neon workout clothes and their brand new $250 lime green running shoes, constantly pawing at their wrists checking their pulse rate after two minutes on the treadmill and taking selfies of their sweat-soaked “Livestrong” headbands.

Then, I will come home and watch college football all day. Georgia, LSU and South Carolina are up today and I’m hoping for an SEC sweep, if for no other reason than to annoy my ACC buddies. Thursday will be back to work day, so that bit of heaviness will creep into my thoughts from time to time. But, all in all, this will be a fine way to begin a year.

Happy New Year everybody.