Monday, November 25, 2013

2013 Christmas List

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and you know what that means in the Dunnevant house…Christmas lists. So for the third consecutive year, I publish mine here on the Tempest. I must confess that I have been quite disappointed that not one of my readers has felt inclined to actually buy me any presents. But as with all of life’s disappointments, I soldier on.


·        For the third consecutive year I place an online subscription to the Wall Street Journal on my list near the top, although nobody ever gets it for me. No kidding folks, I really want this.

·        A cool hat

·        Running shoes, size ten

·        A year’s membership in the Doughnut of the Month Club

·        A health insurance policy that I can really keep if I like

·        Barnes & Noble gift cards

·        A getaway weekend at one of those serenity spas to help Pam and I recover from the final season of Breaking Bad

·        A serendipitous encounter with some big shot from the publishing world who will read, fall in love with, then publish my novel

·        Beef jerky

·        Men’s Warehouse gift cards

·        New fingernail clippers

·        Underwear

·        Loew’s gift cards

·        Any kind of gourmet coffee beans, as long as they aren’t too darkly roasted and don’t end up tasting like Starbucks

·        I-Tunes gift cards or whatever gift cards you need to download books onto my Google pad thing

·        Dean Koontz’ new book: Innocence…the hardcover, dead tree version

·        Membership to Hand & Stone message in Short Pump

·        Couple of new work out outfits for the gym

·        World peace that I can visualize. Wait, or is it whirled peas?

·        Any type of remote controlled toys with which I can terrorize the Greenwood girls at the office. Maybe one of those helicopters!

·        A new gas powered weed whacker

·        A new, more powerful gas powered leaf blower

*     A Golden Retriever Puppy