Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Amazing Niece

I come home from the gym yesterday afternoon to find a large box on my front steps. The label says that it is from the Bow Wow Gift Basket Company from Indianapolis, Indiana. I bring it inside and set it on the kitchen table. Molly seems to instinctively know that it is for her. Much to her dismay, I go upstairs to change out of my sweaty clothes first. When I come downstairs 10 minutes later, she is sitting in the same place she was before, patiently waiting.

Inside, there is a treasure trove of all-natural, doggy treats with bizarre names and descriptions so succulent it made me want to eat them. There were beefy cheese dogs, barkin’ blueberry bites and itty-bitty busters, all baked fresh by the good people over at the Nutty Mutt Bakery. Molly was delighted.

I tore through the box looking for a card. Who on earth could have sent such an amazing gift to my very sick dog? Then I found the note. In truth, I wasn’t surprised at all. I know very few people who would have taken the time surfing the web to find an outfit called the Bow Wow Gift Basket Company, so she could spend probably a ridiculous amount of money brightening someone else’s day. It had to be my tender hearted niece from San Diego, Lauren. A month ago, for my birthday, she was the one who sent me a box crammed full of electronic, computerized practical jokes. Thus began a week long reign of terror at my office, courtesy of the coolest, most remarkable girl I know.

There are many people I know with soft hearts, people who are easily moved, quick to feel compassion. But there are few who so eagerly attach wings to their sentiments. Many feel compassion, few demonstrate compassion. This bias towards action is what transforms mere sentimentality into grand gesture. Lauren has that rare gift, the desire to put feet to her thoughts, and that gift made for Molly and her owners a very special day.

Thanks, sweetheart.