Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Job Opening

In my line of work, I am something of an anomaly, since I have always been able to run a successful practice without any full time help. There are many reasons for this, primary among them being the fact that I’m cheap. That salient fact aside, I have always been able to manage my business just fine with part time secretarial and administrative employees. Now, I’m aware of all the arguments about how much more productive I would be, how much more money I could make, how much faster my business would grow if only I would hire this person and that person to help my business to that ever illusive “next level”. But the fact is I have never had a burning desire to get to the next level. What’s wrong with the level I’m on? After 30 years in the business, I do quite well. With each passing year, I’m able to work a little less than the year before. My income is just fine, most of the time. Besides, with more employees come more complications, more responsibility, and more complexity. As I get older, I want less of all three.

Anyhow, I say all this because I have recently lost my assistant, so am once again in the market for a unique individual to fill the position. I’m looking for a bright, energetic woman with computer and secretarial skills, who doesn’t want to work a ton of hours, and wants those hours to be flexible. Perhaps a mom whose kids are now in school and wants to make some extra money but still be there when they get off the bus in the afternoons. I need someone who can work between 10 and 15 hours a week. Having a good telephone voice would help, experience in the investment or insurance fields would be a huge benefit, but is not a must. I am flexible as to which days of the week would be involved, they can even vary from week to week if need be. The benefits of the job would be flexibility, pretty decent pay ( between $10 and $12 an hour depending on skill level to start ), and most of all, the chance to work for an awesome boss. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that my office is sometimes a place of rampant practical joking and adolescent high jinks are quite common, so a sense of humor and a thick skin are sometimes required.

If you’re reading this and think that I am writing about you, please call me or contact me in some way. I will not give out my number or address for obvious reasons. Besides, the person I am looking for will be resourceful enough to find me.