Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brother, can you spare 17 million?

Saw a screaming headline on Drudge yesterday about how the Democratic party was "out of money" and therefore were going to have to cancel their big convention kickoff extravaganza at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. After reading the actual article I discovered that Drudge had once again told only half the story. The party isn't "out of money", rather, they had only been able to raise 10 million of the 27 million needed for the extravaganza. As a result, they had decided to move the big event to a smaller, less expensive venue. Two thoughts leap to my mind.

Thought number 1.

 What in God's name are the Democrats doing staging anything at a Nascar speedway? I mean, most Democrats I know wouldn't be caught dead at a racetrack. Can you imagine Nancy Pelosi sipping from a can of Pabst on pit road? Harry Reid grilling up some dogs wearing a John Deere hat? Barney Frank screaming.."Gentlemen, Start My Engines!!!" while waving the Confederate flag? I mean, come on Democrats! This is just not who you are. Nobody in America is buying you guys as Joe Sixpack. Be true to your roots, for heavens sake. If you want to have a huge kickoff event, have it someplace more consistent with your core values. Have the world's biggest wine tasting party at a museum of modern art, or rent out a soccer stadium, a sport more in touch with your globalist sensitivities. But, Nascar? That's like the Republicans having their convention in a Union hall!

Thought Number 2.

Let me get this straight. The event will cost 27 million. The party has only raised 10 million. So...what's the problem? You guys are Democrats. What's a little 17 million dollar deficit to you guys? Sounds to me like this would be a great object lesson to demonstrate to the American people the importance of investing in tomorrow. Go out and borrow the money. You're a major political party with over 150 years of history. You mean to tell me that you're going to let a temporary lack of liquidity stop you from throwing a party for your members? What kind of message does that send to the faithful? "Our ability to do fun stuff is limited by a lack of money?" That's a dangerous and conflicted message for a party who on the national level is constantly making the case for stimulus spending despite huge deficits. Whats the problem with a mere 17 million dollar deficit if a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit is acceptable in Washington?