Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Very Lucky Man

My weekend might be considered rather dull by some, pedestrian, even boring by others. We stayed in town. Both kids were away in Nashville and Winston-Salem, their new homes. There was nothing on the calendar and no plans of any kind. Now it’s Sunday evening and I write to celebrate.

After a very long and demanding week, Friday night would be date night with Pam and my sister and her husband. We went to see The Descendants which I reviewed on this blog and which was dreadful beyond imagination but at least provided lively dinner conversation. We went to T.J.I. Fridays and had a nice meal. Saturday morning, I went to the gym for a workout. As is my custom on Saturdays, I then gave Molly a bath. After lunch at Big Al’s I went over to Office Max and purchased a new chair for my office. I lugged it from the store to the car and then to my office with much exertion and gnashing of teeth, then assembled it and put it in place.

Pam then tried a new recipe involving chicken, sweet potatoes, Cajun spices and lime juice. It was the sort of dish that sounds much better in writing than it does in fact. After looking at the result on the stove top we sampled it and came to the unanimous conclusion that we suddenly had a taste for Leonardo’s Pizza.

Mixed in throughout the weekend we played many brutally competitive games of “Words With Friends”. She beat me several games and I prevailed in several others. She plays on her iPad, I on my iPhone. This gives her a distinct advantage that she refuses to admit. Regardless, we are very evenly matched. Twice over the weekend we have snuggled together on the sofa to watch episodes of Downton Abbey, the fabulous PBS Masterpiece Theatre production. We have spent time in long discussions of home decorating ideas for this year. We have talked about our kids and their futures. We have taken naps. We have gone to church, and then to lunch out afterwards with a dear friend.

Nothing I have written would make a good plot line for a movie. If I did not pause here to make a record of the weekend it would soon be forgotten. But it has been a time of great contentment for me because I spent it with the only person in the world who has the power to transform ordinary into memorable. Spending two quiet days and nights with her is a comfort. We have been married nearly 28 years and it hasn’t all been this quiet or comforting. Raising kids is a chaotic, arduous grind of a thing, but eventually it relents. Then there’s just the two of us, in this big old house playing words with friends, watching British television, and having the chance to celebrate having survived it all with our love intact.