Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 9...Here's 6 home teams who are going down!!

Whenever the World Series is being played, my interest in football falls off the edge of the earth. This years’ series was especially classic, so I have been even more isolated from college football news than usual. Add to that the fact that my “bad feeling” from last week proved prophetic. The resulting 3-3 record was my worst so far. It all adds up to a very low enthusiasm level for this weeks’ endeavor. But, much of success in life is the result of merely showing up, regardless of how you feel. So, I soldier on and offer these games for your consideration:

Michigan State vs. Nebraska

The Spartans come off a thrilling hail-Mary pass that beat Wisconsin. Nebraska has the advantage of being at home. I don’t think that Nebraska’s offense is good enough to move the ball against State’s defense. However, Nebraska defense may have finally found an offense anemic enough for them to stop. This might be the ugliest, most boring, grind it out struggle of the year. In other words, Big Ten football at its best. Michigan State 16-9.

Oklahoma vs. Kansas State

Is there anyone in America outside of the state of Kansas who believes that Kansas State deserves to be ranked #11 in the country? Further, is there anyone outside of Manhattan, Kansas who believes that the Wildcats will actually beat the Sooners? Psshhttt! Oklahoma 48-21.

Georgia vs. Florida

No matter how many veins Will Muschamp explodes during his lunatic sideline rants, the fact of the matter is, the Gators just aren’t that good. Perhaps if he channeled the energy from those spittle-flinging rages into teaching his defense to tackle and his offensive line to block, the results would be better. Georgia, on the other hand, has managed to right the ship after a slow start. With far less juvenile histrionics, Mark Richt has his squad playing better each week. Here, I go with my heart and predict what should happen rather than what probably will happen…Georgia 24-20.

Clemson vs. Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech has managed to lose to Virginia and Miami in consecutive weeks, proving beyond doubt that they suck and their early season record was overblown. Their defense gave up 24 points to Virginia…that’s right, the cavaliers. Clemson is good. The Tiger offense is terrific, and although their defense isn’t good enough to stop an elite SEC team, they are good enough to beat a team as one dimensional as the Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech. 35-17

Stanford vs. USC

What the heck? Two weeks in a row I’m talking about west coast football?? OK, I’ll make this brief. Stanford is the much better team on both sides of the ball. USC, being banned from bowl appearances this year, will be amped up for this game like it was the Rose Bowl, and they are playing at home. Doesn’t matter. Luck is that good. Stanford 39-30.

Wisconsin vs. Ohio State

Reading back over my first 5 picks it dawns on me that I have picked against the home team 5 times. Wisconsin must be on the ultimate downer after the shocking way they lost last week. Ohio State has a lot of pride and are playing at the horse-shoe. But there is very little offense to go along with all that pride, so make that 6 home team losers. Wisconsin 28-10.