Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week 4. Time for humility?

5-1 last week and 14-4 for the season. At this point some might expect me to start with my famous trash talk. That will have to wait until week 5 because I don’t have tons of confidence in this week’s picks. College football is a crazy, volatile game. Trying to predict how a bunch of 19-20 year olds will perform in front of 80,000 derelict fans is problematic. So far I’ve been on quite a roll, but all it takes is some star wide receiver to have a nasty breakup with his girlfriend on Friday night, or some quarterback to learn that he’s going to be a father two hours before game time and my picks are screwed. So, with humility as my guide, I offer these games for your consideration:

Florida vs. Kentucky

Everyone who reads this blog will assume that I’m picking this game because I need an easy win, everyone that is except Michael Slagle. Michael has requested some love for his Wildcats and I always live by the adage, “give the people what they want” , so Michael, your Wildcats will get throttled by the Gators. It will get ugly. But if you think this week is bad, just wait until next week when LSU knocks the “K” off your helmets. Matter of fact, I only see 2, maybe 3 more wins in your schedule. But hey, basketball season is right around the corner. Florida 38-17.

Arkansas vs. Alabama

This will be the best game of the day. Although the Razorbacks are plenty good, there’s no way they get a win in Tuscaloosa. This is probably the only game of the year where Nick Saben isn’t the scummiest coach on the field. If Bobby Petrino lives to be 100, wins 5 national championships, and saves 10 golden retriever puppies from drowning, I will still never forgive him for the way he walked out on his players when he was coach of the Falcons. Sorry. Roll Tide 42-20.


Two undefeated teams with two passionate fan bases. West Virginia fans famously set sofas on fire after Mountaineer victories, sometimes forgetting to drag them out into the yard first….advantage LSU. WVA plays no defense. LSU is a defensive beast. This is consequently no contest. LSU wins 28-10.

Florida State vs. Clemson

Florida State comes off a devastating loss to Oklahoma because for the Seminoles it was to be a statement game. But the only statement that was communicated was, “We aren’t very good”. Clemson played a terrific game against a good SEC team so they come in with tons of confidence. Clemson is playing at home, and Florida State’s starting quarterback is hurt and a red-shirt freshman named Clint Trickett is starting in his place. This all adds up to me picking Florida State for some weird trick knee sort of reason. If Clemson wins I will be kicking myself, but if Florida State pulls this off, I will be impossible to live with next week!! Florida State 27-24.

UR vs. New Hampshire

My spiders begin their very tough CAA schedule with a home game against New Hampshire. For those of you who think that only the big boys play exciting football, think again. This will be a great game between two evenly matched teams, both of whom are ranked in the top 10 in Division I-AA. Two things favor Richmond, the home team in this series almost always wins, and the spiders have way cooler uniforms. Richmond 21-10.

UVA vs. Southern Miss

The Cavaliers were horrible last week against UNC. They played 11 freshman during the ggame and it showed. By the end of the season, these freshmen will be better but right now its tough to watch. But, who the heck is Southern Miss? I mean, they are a major college in Mississippi and they aren’t in the SEC? Who cares?? What, Brett Favre played for them back in the day? Well, unless number 4 suits up in the second half and leads them on a historic comeback, Southern Miss is going down. UVA 30-17.