Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dog Story From Japan

God gives us dogs so we can see how humanity is supposed to behave. Out of Japan this morning is a video of two dogs, one obviously injured and laying flat on the ground shivering in the cold as the snow falls. The other stands guard over his fallen friend shivering even more violently. When a camera crew approaches and tries to lure the dog away from what they assumed was the dead dog so they could feed the living one, the exhausted, hungry, and freezing dog will not budge. He will not abandon his friend, not even for food. Once the crew gets nearer they see that the other dog isn’t dead just injured. Only when they care for the fallen dog does the other dog go with them. Now we are told that both dogs were rescued and are getting care. I would like to believe this though it may be just an artificial happy ending added by journalists desperate for even a sliver of good news. I find it hard to believe that veterinarian care is up and running while 500,000 people are living with no electricity in freezing shelters.

This is nothing new. Dogs have always acted heroically in the worst of circumstances. They seem to have a sense of honor and bravery that sadly most human beings lack. I gave Molly an extra treat before I left the house this morning.