Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Follies

Today at my church there will be a speaker from something called the "Israel in Promise and Prophecy" conference which has been going on all weekend. The guy's name is Ed Hindson I think and he's from Liberty University. In fairness, I know virtually nothing about him other than he owns the world's worst toupee. I intend to keep an open mind throughout his talk this morning and may actually enjoy it. However, my guard is always up when it comes to "end time" prophecy. There's the whiff of the charlatan about these guys.

A few weeks ago we had a dispensationalist speaker in to extol the inexhaustible virtue of Israel and to warn us that we risk the wrath of God on our heads if we don't support her. So, it seems that my church has become all about the Jews in 2011.OK. Aside from the fact that he never made a distinction between the Jewish PEOPLE and the state of ISRAEL... he didn't address the difficulties that this undying support for Israel imposes on our missionary work abroad. When America and American missionaries are so closely associated with support of the Israeli state...well, lets just say that its not exactly a conversation starter down at the rug store in Cairo these days.

I have prepared a "disclaimer" lesson for my college class today just in case this Hindson guy gets too carried away, although it makes me very uncomfortable to officially disagree with the pulpit in my class. Thats why I seldom do and when I do disagree with something the Pastor says I usually keep my mouth shut. Its not my roll as a teacher to play point-counter-point with the preacher. but my patience with this Israel stuff is wearing thin.

Today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Renaldos-Magnus..Ronald Wilson Reagan. I loved that man and still do. While he was President the left hated his guts and reviled him unmercilessly. Now even liberals are singing his praises. May he rest in peace.