Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Lost Week

Rough week coming to a close. On Tuesday evening I developed a cough and by 9 am Wednesday I had the entire package, fever, chills, and body aches. So I head over to Patient First and was given a wonder-drug...TAMIFLU. Stuff worked like a charm on all the flu symptoms, but ever since I took the first dose I have been in a slow-motion fog. It's like, I'm better but I'm not myself..AT ALL. I missed the rest of the week and now the week is over and tomorrow I'm back at it with a light schedule Monday and Tuesday.

I'm just not a very good sick person. By Thursday I was about ready to jump off a cliff from boredom so I decided that Molly needed a bath and I was just the right person to give it to her. Twenty minutes later I could hardly get out of the shower and back into bed. What a moron! Giving a 95 pound dog a bath isn't something anyone should attempt without total control of all of their faculties. Lesson learned.