Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Young Frankenstein

During a break in the action of the Jets-Patriots game Sunday night I was flipping through the channels and came upon one of the funniest scenes of all times in a movie. Of course, it was a Mel Brooks picture...Young Frankenstein. Gene Wilders' character is being choked to death from the awakened monster and he is trying to get Inga and Igor to administer a sedative to the beast but since he can't speak he begins a hilarious game of charades while being manhandled. After what seems forever Igor finally guesses..."SEDAGIVE!!!" A second later Inga screams.."Oh!..no..sedative!!" and gives Frankenstein the shot. Once the beast finally passes out Gene Wilder,exhausted from the battle looks up at Igor and says..."...SEDAGIVE????!!"

Even though I've seen that movie a dozen times that particular scene always cracks me up. I don't really know why. Its mostly slapstick and the punch line is one word and all but for me its laugh out loud hysterical.