Saturday, January 15, 2011

The strange reality of Hollywood

I was passing through the living room a bit ago and happened to see a scene from Grey's Anatomy where this gay character is describing his struggles to have a "normal" wedding since in his state gay marriage isn't recognized so his "ceremony" had to be at the county clerk's office or something. The guy was what every gay character always is...virtuous,lovable,selfless, other words...perfect. I will not address the wisdom of gay marriage here. My point is simply this...Why is it that gay characters in Hollywood are so predictably perfect? Are there no mean-spirited, spiteful, hateful, obnoxiously annoying gay people in the world? Look, I know that Hollywood has an agenda to mainstream things that offend large segments of the American public...from adultery to drug use to Christianity..I get that and frankly it doesn't bother me. Thats what Hollywood does. I don't expect them to be big fans of middle America and thats OK..I still am greatly entertained by many of their products. But enough already!!! We get it!! Homosexuals are nice people! In most ways they are just like the rest of us!! We get it!!

Except....not really like the rest of us. Because the rest of us can be terribly petty and vindictive. The rest of our number include murderous thieves and manipulative jerks, two-timing back-stabbers and treasonous liars. But apparently the gay community has managed to slay all of the personal demons that plague the rest of us if Hollywood is to be believed.

If I were gay I think it would annoy the hell out of me that my characters were always so one-dimentional. In my opinion its a form of condescension. Of course, since I dont watch alot of TV I might not be aware of the many heinous gay characters that may exist out there. Maybe. Just like I'm sure there's a sympathetic Christian character out there who loves his family, serves his community, and is universally loved by everyone at the office.   Maybe.